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Aging Your Cigars
You know the taste of a well-aged cigar: that subtle complexity, that light kiss of tobacco flavor left gently lingering. Aging is often what makes a good cigar a great one.
Bloom vs Mold

One of the more unnerving sights for cigar smokers, both those that are new to the leaf and those with years of experience is when they discover that some of their premium hand-mades have developed a whitish fuzzy substance. 

Cigar Buying Guide Part 2
Cigar Buying Guide Part 1
Torch Lighter: Keeping the Torch Lit

Cigar torch lighters are a troublesome bunch.  Torch lighter maintenance is one of the most asked questions in any brick and mortar cigar shop.  From our experiences with dozens of different brands of torch lighters, here are some tried and true tips on keeping that torch lit.

How to Light Your Cigar
At first glance, the title of this article has no doubt confused some of you.  Those new to the leaf are wondering just what is so darn hard about it. In fact, even some veterans of the leaf may have risen an eyebrow.
Top 10 Most Asked Questions About Cigars
If you're new to cigars, you will find this section invaluable, and if you've been smoking for years, you may learn some things you had not previously considered.
Think You Have What It Takes to Be a Professional Beer Taster?

There is, of course, a method to being a beer taster.  A five-step process of evaluation all aspects of a good brew. The steps of evaluating quality are also those used in doing a tasting of different beer styles. Use each stage to compare and contrast styles to see what you like. Do you think you have what it takes to be a professional beer taster? Try it for yourself and see what you like.

Dry Boxing: Best Cigar Smoking Tip Ever!

There is nothing like a moist, fragrant cigar. The wonderful aroma we sense upon opening our cigar humidors is mouth-watering to a cigar lover. But sometimes that aroma can indicate we are getting too much of a good thing.

Making a Home for Your Cigars
Without question, the most important thing for cigars is proper humidity: the amount of moisture in the air surrounding them.  A distant second is proper temperature.
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