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Dry Boxing: Best Cigar Smoking Tip Ever!

There is nothing like a moist, fragrant cigar. The wonderful aroma we sense upon opening our cigar humidors is mouth-watering to a cigar lover. But sometimes that aroma can indicate we are getting too much of a good thing.


Long term cigar storage needs to be in the 68% to 72% RH range (at a temp close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit).  That moist environment can cause some cigars to burn poorly. Additionally, an overly moist cigar can have a bitter taste giving the smoker the wrong impression of its quality. This is where dry boxing comes in. 


Dry boxing is the practice of placing cigars in an un-humidified container prior to smoking. By doing so, we allow the sticks to shed excess moisture, leading to a better burn, draw, and flavor. The duration of time in the dry box will depend on the container being used (usually 3-5 days) and finding the right vessel for dry boxing is crucial.

One such vessel that cigar lover’s use to dry box their cigars are those plastic cigar “travel cases.” Chances are you already own one. I recommend putting a few cigars in the case and smoking them over the course of the following week. These travel cases work well because they contain some moisture but allow the cigars to stabilize to perfect smoking condition.

The choice between storing your cigars at 65% RH or 70% RH, first and foremost, should be completely based on personal preference. Some people prefer the wetter smoke that 70% RH delivers and others prefer the drier smoking experience of 65% RH.

With that said, many cigar aficionados actually prefer storing their cigars at 65% RH for several reasons.

  • You will experience far fewer draw problems (on average) with a cigar stored at 65% RH as opposed to 70% RH.
  • You will experience far fewer burn problems (on average) with a cigar stored at 65% RH as opposed to 70% RH.

  • You should experience better flavor maturation and aging with a cigar stored at 65% RH as opposed to 70% RH.

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